Yesterday a Vancouver woman requested that the new Vancouver Police Chief, Jim Chu, ensure that a criminal investigation she requested into United Way in 2003 is carried out.  She had asked that United Way be investigated for fraud/public mischief.

The original request for an investigation was made after then United Way director, Ron Dumouchelle, lodged a police complaint against the woman in an attempt to prevent the dissemination of a Report on United Way to donors. The woman makes a compelling case that evidence in the police report was consistently fabricated or misrepresented and that it culminated in an effort to subject her to “political psychiatry” under fraudulent pretenses. 

She points out, though, that United Way was not the sole offender.  Constables J.P. St. Amant and Lee Patterson, after being briefed by Dumouchelle and anonymous witnesses at United Way, played a major role in libelling her in the report.  “It was a joint effort,” she says. “It looks from the report like they were feeding off one another.” 

Shortly after requesting the criminal investigation in 2003, the woman received a telephone call from Sergeant Warrent Lemcke informing her that the criminal investigation was being postponed until a complaint she had lodged with the Police Complaints Commission in the case was processed. The VPD did not, Lemcke claimed, want to perform “parallel investigations”. “It was an excuse,” she says.  “The Vancouver Police collect donations for United Way and the last thing they want to do is investigate them.” 

The fraud  and political psychiatry to which the woman was subjected, she alleges, has done irreparable harm to her wellbeing and reputation. In seeking an investigation, she has the support of the ad hoc group, Canadians Opposing Political Psychiatry [COPP].  COPP is encouraging individuals targeted for “political psychiatry” to insist that a criminal investigation be carried out. 

Posted by Downtown Eastside Enquirer blogspot

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