I am constantly amazed over the way that the world unfolds. Jan and I have had a couple of conversations over the past few days on the plight of families who must live each day wondering about a lost loved one, Law Enforcement has exhausted all of the leads and now the file just gathers dust in a dark corner of some storage room. The popular term is Cold Case. The case may be cold for the investigators, but it is far from cold for the families involved.

Jan and I try to help when we can, but we are only two people, and we have neither the time nor the resources to do much more than try to at least briefly raise some public awareness. These are not famous cases, these are cases that no-one has heard of. But just because they are not famous does not imply that they are unimportant. Every case is important. Every life is priceless.

I believe that on the whole Law Enforcement does the very best it can. But they often need the publics help, and often the public is just not aware of the problem.

I now realize that for several months I have been running a very unscientific experiment. In our living room is a poster for a missing man, Zachary Pittman. It is not ‘on display’, it just just sits in a corner, yet it is a magnet for everyone that visits us. People do not ask about the mountains of books and DVD’s that ‘decorate’ the room, but they always ask about the poster. Zachary Pittman disappeared less than 10 miles from the poster, yet no one has ever heard of the case! If we lived in LA or New York this would not surprise me, but we do not. We live is a small town and the young man disappeared from another small town about a ten minute car ride away.

I know that someone knows something about the fate of Zachary Pittman, but that someone may not even realize the importance of that information.

Earlier this week we received another plea for help. Andrea Parsons has been missing for 17 years. Cases do not get much colder than this. However her mother Linda Parsons is still looking for her daughter. What happened to the little girl?

Well, I am pleased to say that my good friend Denny Griffin and his Crimewire team have decided to expand their horizons, they have created the CrimeWire Investigation Bureau.

Crime Wire is proud to announce the creation of the new CWIB for families of the missing, unsolved or suspicious deaths, intimate partner homicide and cold cases.

This new initiative will involve establishing and utilizing an investigative network of private and forensic investigators, and legal experts. These investigative consultants will conduct the research and make the inquiries necessary to develop sufficient information for the authorities to move these cold, stalled or never investigated cases, forward and expose possible criminal activity that may have previously gone  undetected.

On Sundays show we’ll discuss CWIB services and introduce Bureau Chief Tom Shamshak. We’ll also explain our criteria for case selection, including solvability factors and what will be required of the families.

On future shows you’ll be able to join the Crime Wire Team – renowned private investigator and former undercover cop Vito Colucci, former investigator Dennis Griffin, nationally known violence expert Susan Murphy-Milano and Tom Shamshak – along with guest investigators and legal and forensic experts, as they examine cases in which the investigations have left questions unanswered, and possible criminal activity unexposed.

Please visit us at www.crimewiresite.com

Together we can make a difference.

I do not know what cases they will be taking on, but I will suggest to them that Zachery Pittman and Andrea Parsons would be good candidates.

Denny Griffin and his team will be talking about this new project on Sunday, you can hear the Crime Wire Special beginning at 9 p.m. Eastern on BTR.

On a personal note, Denny, Jan and I support your new project 110%, if we can help, we will!

Simon and Jan Barrett

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