Umaru Abdul Mutallab, father of the “Christmas Underwear Bomber”, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, needs to be recognized as a very brave man and a true friend of America. Up until now he has only been briefly mentioned for his deed, but an article at Politics Daily by Jeffrey Weiss not only corrects that it asks a very important question: “Why Don’t Moderate Muslims Police Their Own?’

Why is Umaru Mutallab being portrayed as brave? Mr. Weis explains:


So what do we think we know about the father? He’s a Muslim, one sophisticated enough in the technical aspects of Islamic law to run an Islamic bank. And he was willing to put himself, his reputation and the rest of his family at risk by letting American authorities know that his son had been radicalized.

At risk? No doubt. I imagine that crossing al-Qaeda is something like crossing the Mafia. Particularly if you live in a country where sheer numbers — 75 percent of Nigerians are Muslim (I’m finding a range of estimates, but I’ll now defer to several commenters who say the figure is more like 50 percent.) — make it at least somewhat likely that someone sympathetic to al-Qaeda is in the neighborhood.”

By doing everything he could to alert American authorities (short of taking out an ad in the New York Times) that his son had been radicalized and could be a danger to Americans, and by doing it in person, Umaru Mutallab has painted a large target on his back; but I would bet that Umaru Abdul Mutallab is intelligent enough to realize that, and is also very determined to stop the corruption of his religion and the unnecessary evil of terrorism.

That also provides a possible answer to the key question: Why does the mainstream Muslim community allow the terrorist activity that has killed as many Muslims as it has non-Muslims? They, except for a precious few, are afraid of consequences and therefore powerless to act.

Think closer to home: Why did the Italian American community allow the Mafia to hold their neighborhoods hostage and generally stain the image of Italians? Same reason!

It took an organized government effort to devastate the Mafia and it will take an organized effort by Arab governments to do that to terrorist organizations.

Yes, your right, that’s very unlikely to happen in the Middle-East, but I’m told that miracles DO happen!

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