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Town upset with cops’ trip to Hooters

Ahhh… how we love a scandal… even when no one actually did anything wrong.  If the circumstance is there, we tend to fill in the blanks, and turn it into something juicy.  Local officials in Deer Park, NY, are all in a tizzy because a group of their police officers spent an evening at a Hooters restaurant, which left no one back at home to guard the chicken coop.

Now on face value, one could see where this is worthy of a headline.  The cops in town are busy downing shots and beers at a place that features scantily clad waitresses, and no one was left on duty at the police department.  Bad bad bad bad stuff.  Heads should surely roll for leaving the whole town unprotected.  Someone should have to pay for this dereliction of duty.

Now then… the facts… let’s cloud the issue with facts.  Deer Park doesn’t have a full time police force.  Assignments are divied up between 18 part time officers.  None of the officers who attended the now newsworthy Boys Night Out, were scheduled to work that evening.  Having the police station locked up, with no one to answer calls, isn’t that unusual in Deer Park.  The night in question was actually the 5th time this month that the department had an open shift.  As with many rural towns, of which Deer Park is one, State Police also patrol the area.  On the night in question, as well as every other night, Troopers cover the area from midnight on.  Local police are only scheduled for 16 hours a day.

So why the stink?  Why was this put on the wire by the Associated Press?

Two possibilities –

A – The scandal factor, it makes a headline that catches the eye.
B – Someone in Deer Park doesn’t like the girls at Hooters.

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Cartoon from Sid in the City

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