According to Steven Cohen over at the Huffington Post, the transition to a sustainable economy may happen without the government.  Cohen is the executive director of Columbia University’s Earth Institute and he is amazed that anyone, especially politicians supposedly in charge of our best interest, could possibly deny climate change.

However, he does feel a bit of hope when he looks at groups outside of the federal government.  Columbia University, for example has just started a partnership with the Earth Institute to field a new concentration in environmental policy and sustainability management along with their decade old MPA in Environmental Science and Policy.  They even have their own graduate level certificate program in Sustainability Analytics.

Cohen also mentions other agencies at work.  People like Mayor Bloomberg, who have been moving for urban sustainability, or companies like KKR who recently released their second Environmental, Social and Governance Report where he quotes a letter by their founders explaining how businesses are looking beyond the PR value of growing green into the tangible benefits of sustainability.

Given how the federal government is working, it may be up to individuals like these to make sure that sustainability becomes a reality.

“The planet is under stress and the path to a prosperous future is to make the transition to a sustainable economy,” Steven Cohen explains. “The planet Earth is truly the gift that can keep on giving. The transition to a renewable, sustainable economy is underway; maybe not in Washington, but pretty much everywhere else.”

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