Entropy! One word that destroys any confidence any of us has in our lifestyles. The word is used to describe a system will “gradually decline to disorder” if left to itself. Now, this is a physics term so most of humanity thinks this has nothing to do with them. However, we live in a physical world even if you are a “cyber-Ian”. (Is that what you call someone who lives online?) Therefore the rules of physics affect all of us.

Evidence of Devolution into Disorder

We create systems that are supposed to make our lives easier but they ultimately make our lives more complicated. It is very true that world incomes have risen since the coming online of the internet. However, what the majority of people fail to notice is that they are working more than they used to. If there was a system to measure the amount of work being completed because of the internet, the figures would be unbelievable. Now people work more and live less and with that extra income that we make we go back to the internet to find out the trendiest why to spend it.

And someone should regulate the speed at which technology is being rolled out. Just like how the amount of diamonds available on the world market is regulated. Some of the technology is getting obsolete even before people in third world countries get to use it. Of course, this is the tech that does not pay anyone; popular trends like internet gambling at australiaonlinecasinos get updated at the same time as in first world countries. And every time an update comes on its back to learning how to use it.

Trying to Delay the Disorder

For someone who hated school with a passion (only my love for money got me through it), I am strongly opposed to the amount of learning we are forced to go through every few hours. To delay the entropy they are giving us updates. Nowadays everything from your car, to your home and obviously your smartphone updates. Every time something updates you know its learning time. And if you think you are Chuck Norris’ brother and you choose to ignore that “take tour” offer you will discover that you not as smart as you thought you were.

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