I will not use Craigslist again. Sadly, It has become the new phishing ( the term for those who scour the web looking for emails and personal to perpetrate frauds) ground for every Nigerian scammer on the Internet block.


I placed something for sale on the Hong Kong to benefit the League of Extraordinary Chinese Women and was responded to by at least ten potential buyers allegedly from the US (there is a lot of competition amomgst grifters these days). ALL the IPs resolved in Nigeria.

The scam is simple: They ask what condition the merchandise is in and declare an emergency need for it–I guess having an i-Pod somehow constitutes a matter of life and death in the slums of Lagos–and they offer to Paypal or Western Union the monies to you. Once you provide your contact details (some folks actually give them banking information) they declare that they will send you a money order which is, of course, worthless. But, by the time your bank ascertains the document is bogus ( which should NOT be hard if their Photoshop skills are on a par with their command of English) you have lost your goods.

What is worse is the traditional Nigerian scumbags, whose father, uncle, brother, christian minister associate is Prince Abozo Moronicmuttface Mumblegumbo, are still offering to send you 20% of millions of stashed away Bongo Congo bucks if you will act as a conduit for the money. They are pulling potential victim’s email addresses off the Craigslist site as well.

What is most disturbing in all of this is Craigslist’s refusal to even acknowledge my emails concerning the frauds.

Now this is a story for you dirt-mongers at The Hong Kong Daily Apple. You could write about the scuz-balls or how to assist the League of Extraordinary Women, but then that would be responsible journalism, wouldn’t it? What was I thinking??

Yes, I am cranky today. This site (onemanbandwidth.com) is getting 2-400 spam mails a day and I don’t have the energy left to answer any more PERSONAL emails concerning the sale of the MAC G-4 to help the League. If only there was some way to electronically drop these guys down a deep. dark cyber-hole…..

All of this makes you very excited that Nigeria, instead of providing food to its populace, is going to give a laptop to every child soon.

Is there a way to block an entire continent’s IP services?

Cartoons, copyright cagle.com

by Lonnie Hodge

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