Needle felting is using wool fibers and shaping them to create an object like a butterfly, kitten, rabbit, etc. The basics are wool, a barbed needle and a foam pad, though in the materials section, the author explains in words and pictures that it can be a bit more complicated than that. For example, the basic felting needle is “…a long, sharp, three-or five-sided barbed instrument.” (Page 6) Needles come in a variety of gauges and vary in the number of sides and locations of the barbs.


After an introduction that also discusses what to use as a foam pad and the types of wool, the book goes into basic techniques starting on page ten. How to properly “needle,” “roll the wool,”“making flat shapes,” and sculpting are covered in two pages of text and numerous photographs. The photographs, like all the ones in this book are done by Kevin Sharp, the author’s husband, and are fairly close in detail.


The patterns begin on page 13 with “Bug Magnets.” Patterns for “Bumble Bee” and “Lady Bug” are used with the “Bumble Bee” result much more realistic looking. That is quickly followed with a “Penguin & Chick “pattern, a “Butterfly Pin” one, and a “Bunny” pattern. Each of the twenty patterns in this book ranging from a “Border Collie” (Page 74), to a “Cat” (Page 80) to a “Giraffe” (Page 104) feature a close up large and in color picture of the finished item with detailed step by step instructions along with numerous pictures during various stages of the construction process. They range from the simple such as the previously mentioned “Bug Magnets” to the complex “Mermaid” found on pages 110-117 or the “Gnome Girl” on pages 118-125.


A gallery of a few more pictures, a list of resources and a brief author bio that includes a plug for her website and business brings this 128 page book to a close.


This a fun book full of interesting patterns and techniques and one sure to entertain and enlighten creative folks. The numerous pictures taken by her professional photographer husband add a level of detail and helpfulness to the book.


Wool Pets: making 20 Figures with Wool Roving and a Barbed Needle

Laurie Sharp

Creative Publishing International


ISBN# 1-58923-385-9




Material provided by the good folks of the Plano, Texas Public Library System.


Kevin R. Tipple © 2009

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