News Item:
Amsterdam closing Red Light windows

Brothels in Amsterdam are a legitimate business, as long as they operate in designated zones.  The most famous [infamous?] part of the industry in that city is the way services are advertised.  The young ladies pose in store front windows, displaying [to some extent] their wares.  The majority of the windows are lit with soft red lights, befitting a Red Light District.

The mayor of Amsterdam has announced a crackdown on prostitution, which is kind of strange since practicing the worlds oldest profession is quite legal there.  The crackdown actually is on associated crime, and the element that the District brings to it.  The mayor honestly has admitted he doesn’t want prostitution to go away, since it is a major tourist draw.  The brothels being closed down are apparently in a seedier part of town, where tourists can get into trouble.  Those that police themselves better, and are considered more ‘upscale’, will no doubt continue to flourish.  Business is business, after all.

News Source: The Daily Mail

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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