I guess this is as good a way as any to prepare for the coming shortage of potential female mates in China. The One Child policy will turn millions of males now growing up into permanent bachelors. But, two young warriors are happy today after a martial arts tournament earned them the right to ask for the hand of two women offered up as prizes.


The two women, also martial artists/lion dancers accepted the proposals of the guys who duked it out for them. But, even the police will probably avoid these homes should there be a domestic disturbance call: one girl enrolled in a martial arts school at the age of ten and the other is a graduate of a martial arts university. It sounds like it has the makings of a Chinese reality show…. I was reminded today of a student of mine years ago who was a formidable Tae Kwon Do athlete (She won a silver medal at nationals) and a great ground fighter despite weighing only 110 pounds. I had seen her bring male Olympic class contenders to their knees with back kicks and roundhouses. One evening just before practice ended, the girls mother called me and insisted that I walk her daughter to her car as it was parked on a dark street. I consented, not because I feared for the student, but because I did not want to miss the good Ole fashioned beating she would give any unsuspecting assailant. And besides that, she could keep me safe….

Lonnie Hodge

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