I can’t imagine anyone wanting to take the ashes of an infant child but apparently this is what someone actually did. A family from Ajax Ontario came home only to find their home had been broken into. Now no one wants to have their things stolen but in this case there is one specific item taken that the family would give anything to have back. It is the pendant holding their infant child’s ashes.

Police are asking for help from anyone that may have any information that could lead them to who is responsible for this. They figure that who ever took it probably doesn’t even know what they have taken. They just don’t want the pendant to end up given away or sold.

The couple who are in their 40’s are taking this pretty hard. They can’t put a dollar value on something like this and it can never be replaced like a TV set or a stereo stolen can be.

The circular pendant is on a 16 inch chain and is about the size of a toonie, a Canadian coin (about the size a bit bigger than a Susan B Anthony) and it is three quarters of an inch thick. Leaves and branches are engraved on both sides of the pendant.

Detective Adam Kelly, of the Ajax Pickering Criminal Investigations branch, is asking for anyone including the one responsible for this to have a heart and either return the pendant to the parents or give information on its whereabouts. “The thieves can go to church, they can turn it in to a bus driver, walk into the front of the police station, go to a fire department, go to a grocery store,” Det. Sgt. Kelly said. “I don’t care where they turn it in, as long as it gets turned in and forwarded to the police.”

I do hope that this couple find their pendant. Speaking from experience of losing two children of my own I know how I would feel if this happened to me, I would be devastated.

Anyone with information about the break-in is asked to call Durham police at 905-683-9100 or 905-579-1520 ext. 2524 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

Jan Barrett

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