How can anyone claim that an innocent 13 month old child could be filled with demons? How can they possibly think it was so bad that they had to use a hammer to beat the demons out of this baby? I just can’t imagine this.

Rusk County Sheriff’s office in East Texas responded to a 911 call made and they found 13 month old Amora Bain Carson beaten and they think the couple did it using a hammer to beat the demons out of her. They also found more than 20 bites on the child.

Blaine Milam, 19 and Jessica Carson, 18 were arrested Tuesday and arraigned Wednesday on capital murder charges. Jessica is Amora’s mother.

When the couple was first arrested they had different stories as to what happened to the child. At one time they said the baby was in a car accident and then attacked by the family’s dogs. They even tried to tell authorities that at one time the baby was beating herself in the head with the hammer.

Finally they both confessed saying they had beaten the child to death according to Lt. Reynold Humber. They told Humber that the child was possessed with demons and they were trying to free her of them. After the child was dead the couple apparently drove to Henderson to pawn some of their belongings so they could pay to have an exorcism performed on the baby. I assume that the exorcism went bad so they claim they decided to hire a priest, but Humber said there was no information on any clergy being called to their home.

The mother of the child sat in the courtroom during their arraignment with her arms crossed and quietly cried while Milam looked around the courtroom and once in a while he would look down at his hand where he apparently has a visible bite mark.

Records show that Milam was once sentenced on a charge of aggravated sexual assault on another child but only received a probated sentence. He also has been arrested on causing a disturbance and assault/family violence.

Jessica Carson had graduated from high school as an honor student and she has no records at all with the police.

I have to wonder how she could allow this to happen to her own child, well any child but especially her own. How could any 13 month old be evil? She couldn’t even talk yet. I think back to when my kids were that age. I think about how tiny and innocent they were and how they depended on me to take care of them and how much they needed me. It breaks my heart hearing this story. I pray to God that this child died fast so she didn’t feel the pain and torture that they put her through. It brings tears to my eyes to even write about this. This mother should have been protecting her child and not beating her to death.

At least Amora is no longer suffering and she is with the angels now watching over her. Her mother didn’t deserve her. God Bless you Amora. I hope your mother and her boyfriend pay dearly for what they have done to you.

Jan Barrett

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