A couple has filed a second asbestos related lawsuit, this time naming eighteen companies as defendants according to a recent report. In the lawsuit the couple, Gilbert and Bonita Harper, have claimed that Mr Harper’s exposure to asbestos was wrongfully caused during the course of his work.

In this second lawsuit the couple is now looking to claim for a different asbestos related illness from the first lawsuit. Harper had worked as a fire investigator, in the plumbing and heating sector, and as a plumber, carpenter and painter.

This latest complaint claims that the defendant companies did not test their asbestos products properly, and did not warn Mr Harper of the dangers of exposure to asbestos. The complaint also claims that even when the dangers of exposure became known they continued to make the asbestos products where Harper worked.

The lawsuit goes on to state that Harper has suffered both mental and physical pain as a result of his asbestos cancer, and that he has incurred medical costs and experienced loss of earnings because of the illness.

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