Long Beach, CA.-  A missing couple most likely fell off of a cruise ship between Long Beach Califonia and Mexico.  The 90 year old man and his 79 year old wife have yet to be found.  There names and residence is being with held until notification to the families.  The couple was aboard a Carnival cruise ship that departed Monday from Long Beach, California.  They were not aboard when it docked back on Friday. 

Carnival said the couples cabin door was locked from the inside.  All there belongings were in the cabin, the door had a do not disturb sign on it.  The door leading to the private balcony was unlocked.  Laura Eimiller, an FBI spokeswoman said the two were last seen around there cabin Tuesday night.  Federal agents were interviewing passengers as well as crew members, also processing evidence. 

Coast Guard have been searching for the couple since Friday morning.  Petty Officer Prentice Danner stated that the search is being done by plane not boat because the area is so large.  The ship departed on Monday to Santa Catalina Island then to Ensenada, Mexico. 

Jennifer De La Cruz a spokeswoman for Carnival was not sure if the couple disembarked in Ensenada or Catalina.  I hope they can find out what happened to those people. 

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