Three inmates in Supermax are charged with crimes they committed — while incarcerated in the high-security prison in Colorado.

According to reports, Ruben “Night Owl” Castro, a Mexican mafia leader, recently was indicted on charges of running a street gang’s drug sales from his Supermax cell. Two leaderrs of the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang — Barry Mills and Tyler Bingham — are expected to be sentenced next week after being convicted of smuggling messages out of Supermax that began a murderous race war at another prison.

A Colorado state legislator says inmates could be involved in terrorist activity from the prison. Democratic Rep. Buffie McFayden, whose district includes Supermax, attributes the crimes to the prison being “short-changed and short-staffed.”

“Absolutely. Could happen, could happen,” she told CNN. “And that should be frightening for any citizen in the United States of America.”

A federal arbitrator said that entire cell blocks were left without inside staffing for full shifts numerous times and that staff assigned to read mail were taken off that duty to staff the cell blocks. Some say the excuses of being short-staffed are ridiculous. According to one site, the staff to inmate ratio is 186 to 460. The prison’s population increased by 195 inmates in an 11-year period, about 17 inmates a year.

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