A family living in a council property in the UK has claimed that that the living conditions in the property are disgusting, and that the property contains asbestos. The tenants at the property are Toni Potter, her husband Brian, and their four children. Toni’s mother reported on how bad the property was.

She said: “They have got asbestos in that house and we have been through all the channels we can to try and get something done but they say she will just have to wait. She has got a three bedroom house and it just has a coal fire, it’s absolutely freezing. We are fighting to get something done, everywhere they’ve turned they’ve been told to wait, it’s absolutely disgusting. The kids scream when they have to go for a bath because it is so cold. The council has said they can’t have heating put in until the house is remodernised, and they have been given the date 2015 for that.”

An official from the council said: “As long as asbestos is not disturbed it poses no risk. All tenants, including the Potter family, will soon be receiving a leaflet that gives clear advice about what asbestos is and what to do and who to contact if they disturb any in their home during doing any DIY. The solid fuel fire and back boiler in this property were fully serviced in October. We are investigating the claims of the Potter family and will visit them soon.”

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