A council tenant from the UK who is living in a property that is said to be riddled with the deadly carcinogenic asbestos has now joined a fight for a public national asbestos register to be created, detailing asbestos in all council and housing association properties and in all public buildings.

The campaign was being run by a national UK newspaper, and the council tenant, Karen Connolly, has now decided to join the campaign after living in danger of asbestos exposure herself. The asbestos was discovered at her rented property only three years ago following a flood.

She stated: “It’s a terrible thing. We are being treated like second-class citizens. I had no idea what I was living with until the flood. They should tell you on your tenant’s agreement whether there’s asbestos in your council flat. It should be compulsory.”

She said that she only realised that there was white asbestos in the property when she was clearing up after workmen had been repairing the property after the flood, and testing soon confirmed her fears.

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