A council in Ireland has been slated over its failure to secure a building that is thought to contain asbestos. Dún Laoghaire Rathdown has come under fire from local residents who have urged the council to take steps to secure the derelict block of flats, which have been empty for two years and are suspected of containing the deadly carcinogenic.

One official stated that kids are frequently getting into the derelict flats, and could be at risk of exposure to the toxic substance. He said: “The council erected this barrier but that doesn’t stop kids getting in through the gaps. I have often had to lift the kids over it to get them out of there. Some of the kids have also started lots of fires in the maisonettes and the fire brigade has been down here over 40 times in the last year and a half.”

“They should have closed off the flats,” he said. “If there is asbestos there then God knows what damage has been done. These kids have been lighting fires and there are dust particles everywhere.”

Another official stated: “These blocks have been vacant for two or three years. If there is asbestos or there is a fear of asbestos you would have thought the council would have gone in as a matter of urgency and done the surveys and removed the material under statutory regulations.”

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