As everyone following this case of little Caylee Anthony that has been missing since mid-June knows, an Orange County Grand Jury is expected to look at evidence to decide if there is enough presented to them to charge Caylee’s mother, Casey Anthony for murder in the first degree for the death of Caylee.

Fox 35 plans to carry the court action and news conference live on the air and streaming it through

Jose Baez says he thinks the child is still alive but the prosecution feels they have enough evidence to bring in an indictment against Casey Anthony. Among the key people that is expected to testify before the grand jury includes Casey’s own father, George Anthony. He will be asked about his testimony on tape to investigators regarding the smell of death in the trunk of Casey’s car. “We got into a little verbal thing. She didn’t want me to go into that car,” said George when he was interviewed but investigators.

A statement was released by Jose Baez to the media when asked about Casey’s state of mind concerning the grand jury’s ruling. “Casey has been prepared for the worst, but has always been hoping for the best. Although she would be naturally nervous and very upset about going back into confinement, she is prepared and has been for that if it happens.”

Fox 35 has also learned that if Casey is charged with a homicide charge she just might be going to trial with a new lead counsel. The president of the Criminal Defense Attorney’s Association says that Baez might not be permitted to represent Casey if she is charged with first degree murder.

According to Richard Hornsby Baez doesn’t meet the standards set forth by attorney’s in capital cases. To be lead counsel you must:

 * have had five years experience as an attorney
 * Serve as co-counsel on two death penalty cases
 *demonstrated proficiency and commitment which exemplify quality representation in capital cases

In the event that this does happen Baez would be allowed to still be a part of a legal team for Casey though. Baez’s spokesperson, Todd Black made this statement on Monday:

“It will not change the commitment of the Baez Law Firm and they are fully prepared if an indictment is handed down to represent Ms. Anthony to the fullest.”

How sweet of him not to leave her now!

Fox 35 reporter, Holly Bristow got to sit down with Cindy Anthony for an exclusive interview. She asked Cindy what was her plans while the grand jury met on Tuesday. Cindy’s response was, “I’m going to be where ever Casey is. I want to make sure that is she’s re-arrested, that I am able to give her one last hug, in case I can’t do that for a while.”

Cindy was asked if she ever had any doubts about her daughter’s innocence, she answered right away, “No!”

I guess that 911 call was faked then. She sure sounded to me like she was worried about what her daughter had done to her granddaughter when she said it smelled like a dead body was in the damn car. To mean that sounded like she had some doubt in her mind.

On CNN’s Nancy Grace tonight during the questioning of her expert witnesses someone stated that in their opinion the whole Anthony family could be charged with obstruction of justice and I agree 100%. I know the Anthony’s have suffered here and still are but let’s face it. Anyone else under normal circumstances in any other case would have been charged right away for obstruction of justice for the things they have done like changing their testimonies to authorities, and washing clothing found in the car that they all admitted smelled like there had been a dead body in the car not to mention the list of other things that the Anthony’s have done and got away with. Every time you turn around the Anthony’s change their stories.

I actually did feel sorry for the Anthony’s in the beginning but I think now that they will turn against you at the drop of a hat if you do not believe what they want you to believe. Poor Tim Miller said on the Nancy Grace Show that he heard that Cindy Anthony said that she never wants to speak to him again. Tim Miller is a good hearted man and doesn’t want to hurt anyone. When cornered he had to admit about the leak from one of his searchers about them finding the size 6 dress that possibly could be linked to Caylee. It was clear that he was not comfortable talking about it though. It has not been proven to be linked to Caylee though, so I guess we will have to wait to see what other evidence the prosecutors have that we don’t know about.

I doubt I will sleep much tonight. When I do sleep I dream about this case. I really need this to be over soon, so I can get my life back. I seem to eat, drink and sleep Caylee Anthony these days. I sure pray that she gets her justice soon. We love you Caylee, God Bless you sweetie.

Jan Barrett

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