Caylee Anthony has been missing since June 9th but wasn’t reported until last week as missing. Her mother Casey Anthony has been arrested and held in jail under a $500,000 bond for child neglect and criminal obstruction for allegedly lying to authorities. is reporting that Casey Anthony’s attorney, Jose Baez reported late Tuesday that they received a credible tip that a small child boarded a flight to Atlanta at the Orlando International Airport matching Caylee’s description.

They believe this tip to be more credible since they said the little girl pronounced her last name the way her grandparents claim Caylee says it, as Caylee “Antony” instead of Anthony leaving the letter “h” out.

Cindy Anthony confirms the report of the tip received Tuesday. She said it was from a woman that lives in Orlando and the message was left on her voicemail. Cindy said she called the woman back and they talked.
The caller claims that the child boarded the flight with an older woman. The woman told her how the little girl pronounced her name when she was asked what her name was. They asked the little girl her age and she said three. Caylee will be three next month.
Volunteers in Orlando Florida continue passing out about 50,000 fliers reporting Caylee’s disappearance. A local foundation and business owner were offering a new reward of a combined $125,000 for any information about Caylee’s disappearance or whereabouts, MyFOX Orlando, reports. The reward will be in effect for at least the next three months.

Jan Barrett

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