Stop & Shop has recently been in the news because of a data breach, involving compromised debit and credit card information. The data breach was traced to PIN pads that had been mysteriously replaced.

To read my original post on the Stop & Shop data-breach, link here.

Monday night, Stop & Shop employees spotted four individuals attempting to remove PIN pads at one of their stores. Police were notified, store video was shared with them, and four arrests were eventually made.

After the disclosure, Stop & Shop bolted down the PIN pads at all their stores. Some believe this helped slow the crooks down long enough to be noticed.

Despite this, some alert employees certainly deserve some recognition.

The Rhode Island police published some of the video stills of the suspects in action, here.

Ray Henry of the AP is reporting:

The men were arrested Monday night while attempting to switch keypads at a store
in Coventry, police said. A store security officer called police after employees noticed one suspect trying to remove a keypad while two others were seeking to distract workers.

Arutyun Shatarevyan, 20, Mikael Stepanian, 28, Gevork Baltadjian, 20, and Arman Ter-Esayan, 22, were arrested and charged with conspiracy, computer theft and fraud. They were scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday afternoon in Kent County District Court.

Data breaches have become a huge issue, with new reports surfacing (it seems) every week. Over 100 million Americans have had their information compromised since 2005, according to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, which has maintained a chronology of these occurrences.

AP story, here.

Interestingly enough, the arrested individuals are from California. Judging by their surnames, they are of Armenian descent. This brings to mind a previous breach, where two fraudsters were charged after a data breach at Dollar Tree – they were also from California and have Armenian surnames.

Parkev Krmoian was arrested in the Dollar Tree episode and (at the time), a picture of his friend was being circulated (who was still at large), here.

Armenian organized crime is a big problem in Glendale (where Krimoian was from), and they are known to be involved in “lucrative white collar crimes,” such as credit-card fraud. Glendale and Hollywood in Southern California has the largest Armenian population outside of Armenia.

If you are interested in learning more about Armenian organized crime, has a nice little write-up, here.

Placing skimming devices in public places is a growing phenomenon, Tom Fragala (MyTruston) did a great post on this (with video), here.

The video is pretty amazing!

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