By Honey Gillard

It’s a bikini. No, it’s Afghan burqa – No, it’s a BURQINI!
In probably one of the most unlikely places that we would have ever thought to find a way to improve race relationships in Australia, a new, fresh and cultivating idea has surfaced onto our Australian shores– in the form of a swimsuit.
The ‘BURQINI’ – a two-piece, head-to-toe polyester swimsuit – is set to take Australia’s beaches to a new level and revolutionise beach going for pious Muslim women. With the release of the swimsuit, those of Muslim beliefs can hit the beautiful beaches of Australia, whilst not running into problems with male followers of Islam or provoking racial tensions and divisions among other surfers and beach-goers.

“I am Australian so I always have the Australian life style, but now with the burqini it just allowed me to participate in it more. We used to always go to the beach, but now that I have the burqini I can actually swim,” says a happy burqini wearer.
Before the release of the Burqini, Muslim women wanting to enter the surf would often have to enter the water wearing the same type of clothing, as they would wear when out shopping, in order to keep their bodies completely covered. But now with this new fashion piece they can go out in comfort and style. The full-length lycra suit with hijab head-covering is not too figure-hugging to embarrass, yet it is tight enough to allow it’s wearer to swim freely and comfortably – plus if that’s not enough it’s quick drying.
“We are also encouraged in Australia to cover up not due to modesty but for sun protection, so this is not just a modesty aspect swimming suit, it is also a protection against the sun, surf and sand,” says Sydney designer Aheda Zanetti, a 39-year-old Lebanese-born mother of four.

The head-to-ankles design has recently gone on show on Sydney’s Cronulla Beach; the scene of savage race riots between white Australian youths and ethnic Lebanese Australians during the lead-up to Christmas 2005.

The introduction of burqinis has created an immediate innovation, allowing Muslim women to enter into what was once a fortress of white Australian culture.

The Burqini is also suitable for surf-life saving patrols and has been endorsed by the Australian Islamic Council and the mufti of Australia.

The burqinis come in a range of colours, including black, which is predicted to be the most popular choice for Muslim women.

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