Corruption is synonymous with dirty tricks. It has been with us since time immemorial. However there is no excuse for us to embrace it as bed fellows just as Yahya Jammeh and his cronies have done. Generations have come and gone but the word has stayed with us. We have seen the systematic growth of Mr. Korruption in the Gambian soil. 

Our “soldiers with a difference” (I am not one with a difference but one full of bitterness). told us way back in 1994 that they have come to fight King “Korruption”. In the process of fighting Mr. Korruption they ran after him and he took a bend. They, the soldiers with a difference armed to the teeth followed in hot pursuit but as soon as they made the bend, they dropped off their weapons and immediately became partners with him. They embraced Mr. Korruption, hugged him, and patted him on the back and said “Jarama Wye”. Make us rich and quickly like yourself.  They later came camouflaging us and calling another so called vicious weapon against him by the name of  Operation No Compromise. And Compromise they did. From then on he has come to haunt us like a perpetual ghost.
We cannot lock up pickpocketers   and ignore mercenary robbers of whom the chief is Dr. Do Little of Gambia, boy Jammeh. We have seen how in 12 years, this boy has become richer than the nation he claims to be running. Pathetic isn’t it?
Let me make this known to all Gambians. Why do you think most soldiers in the service are struggling to be transferred to the Navy in Banjul? Do you think we love the cool breeze blowing across from Bara to Banjul? No way. We have enough of that weather in Bakau or Kartong Barracks. I am sure Oga boy knows but cannot stop it since he too has his dirty hands chained by Mr. Korruption. Or maybe he is so busy amassing more wealth that he is oblivious of what is going on. Aha Wake up O sleeper!
How many illegal fishing vessels (poachers) do we nab in our Gambian waters yearly? How many are brought to the Banjul Navy Headquarters? How many of them pay their fines into Gambian coffers? And how many of them pay through the back door of Mr. Korruption? (These are National Assembly Questions)  If there are no dirty games here, let the figures be published yearly so the public will know and see for themselves. Most of our comrades in the Navy are far richer than those of us who are in the barracks. Why? Ask a relative or a neighbour of someone you know who is in the Navy? One can have the same rank, receive the same salary with a comrade but Comrade X may own pieces of land.  And may have put up a line house or even two when others cannot even balance their budget with the same salary? Where is the extra cash coming from? Is it from boy Jammeh’s Outer Space Bank? Like father like son. Who do we blame here? If Oga is eating why should we remain poor when some of us have served more years than he may have? Someone speak up in the Assembly; ask the relevant questions for heaven’s sake.
Mr. Korruption does not only stop at fishing vessels. There is a Diesel Black Market in the High Seas of Gambia in case you don’t know. Not all boats seen out in our waters are fishing boats. Am sure someone will be shivering as they are reading this piece. There are boats that go into our waters and stay in the sea sometimes for a week(s). What happens during the whole time they are at sea? Someone in charge puts containers of diesel in the navy boat each time it heads out to sea on patrol or faked patrols. These are then transferred into the local boats. The booty is then divided amongst the patrollers and those with the gasoline connections.
The boats stay afloat until they are full of diesel containers being smuggled from our Navy Headquarters. Once full, they move over to shore at night and disembark their loot which they also resell in the Land Black Market. The Navy boat should be fitted with a mileage counter so we can determine the distance traveled as against the gasoline used within a day or so called patrol sessions. Once this is implemented, we should then be able to tally how much diesel was used within such a period. Without such control measures, gasoline theft and dealings will continue in the high seas.
This dirty and clandestine trade is being carried on in collaboration with unscrupulous elements of our society and our soldiers. I don’t’ care if you label me a whistle blower. Enough is enough. This is getting out of hand. No wonder it is not easy nowadays to be posted/moved to the navy. You have to be on the side of the thieves or else you stay where you are. If there is any suspicion that you might be an enemy to the deals, you are disqualified from transfer to the Navy. In case boy Jammeh does not know, I am letting him know now. But Oga don’t come here terrorizing us, we too want to make ends meet just as you are doing. If the root of the tree is rotten, what do you expect of the branches, talk less of the leaves? Pitim patam paam!!! Paam!!! Stay tuned, there are more fine tunes coming from Town Crier’s talking drum.
[Edited by Simon – Fixed title, gave up on story!]
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