By Samba Sarr  

Dear Editor,


Many thanks for your great job. This letter is to inform all Gambians about the corruption in the Gambia Embassy in London. On Tuesday January 1st 2007, after making an enquiry whether the Embassy will be open, I  was told by the Secretary that yes it was an official working day. Therefore during that particular day, i travelled to the Embassy with my European wife and found many other Gambians waiting at the office. To our utmost surprise until mid-day it was still closed. An official note on the door informing visitors that the Embassy was to be opened that day visible for everyone to see.

Off course, we all trusted our officials and waited in vain. The High Commissioner nor its staff came to work and to my dismay I was informed that this was the order of the day. Some of these officials are unprofessional and infact have other jobs in the city and care less about Gambian concerns. It is unbelievable that such a thing can be happening in such an important embassy without anyone speaking out. We spent the whole day waiting and before we left, i wrote a note warning the officials that the matter will be reported to the press and the President Jammeh’s office. Such corruption must be exposed!

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