In the snippet below of his piece, “Whirlpool Bites Hands of American Taxpayers That Feed It,” Dave Johnson points the direction and cause of losses of American jobs. We live now in a global economy. Many a nation can produce goods cheaply by minimal pay to workers and no benefits — medical or retirement.

Prior to Reagan’s radical modifications in our financial system, corporations and workers stood on even ground in determining fair profits for the former and fair compensation for the latter.

The current deep recession is the outcome of reductions in the restrictions on corporate conduct in place since the time of Teddy Roosevelt, e.g.anti-trust and his other progressive reforms:


Whirlpool Bites Hands Of American Taxpayers That Feed It

By Dave Johnson
Campaign for America’s Future
February 19, 2010

“Whirlpool, recipient of federal stimulus “smart grid” dollars, is closing an Evansville, Indiana freezer-topped refrigerator and icemaker production plant and moving the 1,100 jobs to Mexico.”


We no longer can expect our corporations and other profit-obsessed institutions to
make jobs available to American workers — particularly those protected by union contract agreements.

If one checks out our foreign competitors who have been moving in on our national economy, one will also discover that the great bulk are being situated in the south and other locations where unions have become a thing of the past.

The Republicans will presumably be now well funded by these greedy corporations — both ours and those from overseas — in minimizing jobs available to working Americans. Such are being conned now by Tea Party and other Republican-based outfits funded by their corporate sponsors.

One sees hard times ahead for us lower and middle income Americans. Only the super wealthy can afford all those homes here and abroad. They constitute somewhere between 1 and 5% of us.

Let us hope that Obama and other caring people can blow the cover — lies and slanders — of our greedies, now sabotaging American Democracy!

Ed Kent (blind copies)

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