When I first saw the trailers for Coraline, I knew this was a film I could not miss. Being a big Tim Burton fan I knew this movie would take on most of his traits. The gloomy wooded trails and the dark mysterious set designs, lightly glazed with the imaginary world we all wish to escape to. Coraline is no different. I had the pleasure of viewing it in 3d on a 50 inch plasma screen, with my three daughters in the back. We looked like an 80’s band with our 3d glasses on. Even though it’s an animated cartoon made to dazzle the imagination of children, in my mid-thirties I strapped on my 3d glasses, made a huge bowl of popcorn and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Coraline takes place in a stark old town engulfed with the Burton imagination. Coraline is a young girl who lives in a lonely part of the city with her parents. She lives in a large three story house turned to appartmnets,  that almost looks haunted, but it’s just old. Her parents are like most of our parents when we are eight, a bit demanding and controlling. And always off to work. The conservative type.

Coraline is the typical lonely girl who thinks her parents are the most boring and annoying of all. I remember sneaking out of my window at night thinking my folks would never find out. Sometimes even floating into the selfish day dream where everything was made for me. The best toys, and swimming for days and watching cartoons rigorously. Snacks and candy, and my parents would let me do whatever I pleased. Just day dreams, because we all have to wake up. Coraline finds a secret door in her house which leads her to this imaginary world, this amazing day dream.

In this world she is the princess, sort of speak. Her dull house is now an illuminated castle outlined in her favorite colors. A large beautiful garden and stars filling the sky. There were dog theaters and everything was tailor made for her fun. She also has a new set of parents who wanted nothing more then whatever she wanted, nice. The odd thing is that everyone has their eyes replaced with buttons and they all carried a very suspicious vibe. That’s when the suspense and mystery surrounding this story takes place. As Coraline makes her way in and out of reality, she begins to realize everyone in her perfect world’s true colors. She begins to feel that homesick feeling we all feel after not having our parents around for a while. After fighting and struggling with the demon parents who were pretending to be the good ones, Coraline makes it out of her now nightmare only to find that her parents were kidnapped by the other parents. What a twist, only in the mind of Tim Burton. Our hero Coraline returns to the now hell like world and saves the day.

In our life’s today it seems like struggle has become the theme for most. It is quenching as it is refreshing to be able to sit back and enjoy a cartoon movie with my children. This film made me call my parents and express my love and gratitude for them. It also served as a reminder to my own children to never talk to strangers. Stay away from those who portray to be your parents in order to take you away from them. In today’s world it has become an important movie. This film has all the classic themes such as great camera angles and depth of field. It carries the suspense of a David Fisher film engaged with the imagination of Disney Pixar. Just imagine being eight again and putting on a pair of 3d glasses for the first time, and sitting back with your eyes wide open and your mouth slightly opened in surprise. Your heart beginning to beat faster as you watch the first image come flying out of the screen. Wow to be eight again! I recommend this film to all.
A five star 3d experience that will leave you searching for your imagination.

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