David Schussler


Saddam’s conviction today would not be possible were it not for The commitment of the people of the United States to make this world a safer place to live. The current election frenzy tends to obscure what was, for Americans, a national purpose just a few short years ago. That was, to remove a threat to our national security, to dethrone a barbaric murderous dictator, and help a nation to obtain a free and strong society.

Saddam’s conviction is proof that the Iraqis and coalition forces led by the U.S. are accomplishing goals. Here is a nation who six years ago was ruled by a selfish, wealthy, murdering brute. The judicial system of the people of Iraq, as of today, have brought that man a step closer to justice. Not fascist justice, but real justice based on compelling and sordid factual details from brutalized citizens. How many nations in history have been able to bring their former leader to trial and convict them for their atrocities against the people? Not many.

The pictures of celebration in Baghdad over Saddam’s conviction should remind us that the current U.S. political atmosphere in this election year has lost sight of our purpose and the plight of the Iraqi people. This new justice they have found is a direct result of their new freedom from an oppressive government. This has been brought about by our help. Our president, and ultimately, our nation decided to do something to protect us and to help these people. Our brave military and the convictions of our president and most of our nation are doing something good. Democrats are trying to use this difficulty with the war against terrorism as a motivating factor to defeat Republicans in these current elections. It should not even be considered an issue. Victory against terrorism is difficult, but it is a must.

The conviction of Saddam must serve as an indication of success, and justice, and a motivator to elevate the convictions of the free Iraqis and the American People. Those politicians who do not subscribe to the protection of human rights worldwide should resign, and at very least not run for, or be elected to, public office. Only by supporting our leaders and our troops in our nation’s quest for divesting this world of fascist world domination can we succeed. It is the path of freedom for all people.

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