After being convicted of sexual abuse of a minor, a 35 year old man was given a choice of sentences, either he could spend a year in jail or he could be exiled to Canada for three years. The man chose to be exiled. The man was convicted on charges after a mall security guard noticed him in a parked car with a 15 year old girl for two hours. The investigation found that he had been having sex with his former student. He was working in a Buffalo seminary school.

Starting Monday, Malcolm Watson will be barred from entering the United States for three years except to report to his probation officer. The man already lives across the border however, making his residence in Fort Erie, Ontario where he lives with his wife and three children. Meanwhile, immigration lawyers on this side of the border are concerned with the unusual sentence. One lawyer located in Buffalo commented by saying “I don’t see how a judge sitting in a criminal court in the U.S can lawfully banish a citizen as a condition of sentencing,” while another was worried that Canada would not let him into the country because of his new criminal record. He made the comment “We did some research on the question of whether Canada might consider throwing [Watson] out, which would make him a man without a country,”

Convicted Sex Offender Chooses Canadian Exile Over Jail (Fox News)

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