compaqDue to the overwhelming support I have received for turning a Compaq Presario into a vegetable garden, I have decided to turn this into a step by step pictorial guide, that way, others can benefit from my trials and errors.

The light is not good today, so I have decided to wait until tomorrow to start the project. Meanwhile, there is a great deal of research to be undertaken. Computers, even Compaq’s have rare earth minerals in them. Not all are conducive to growing veg.

For example, I am not sure how many growing seasons you can get out of the Motherboard. I must admit that I am tempted to keep the Power Supply, I could use it to zap the bugs. There is also the possibility of converting the DVD player into a Mushroom growing device. Just think of the look of amazement on peoples faces when I hit the ‘eject’ button and out pops a mushroom!

I may keep the USB ports in tact, just think how cool it would be to have a plant pot that people can charge their cell phone with.

As the Compaq Presario is ‘mature’ it comes with PS2 keyboard and mouse connectors, so it will be simple to add these vital devices. While it does not have WiFi it does have Ethernet, so it can be an IOP (internet of plants) device, rather than an IOT (internet of things).

The biggest question is what to grow in it? I rather like potatoes, but I suspect they may be a little large for the case. Rumor has it that Mint will grow anywhere, so I might try that. I would prefer Asparagus but it takes at least two years to get results, it is a sulky veg and calling a Compaq Presario home would likely piss it off to the max.

More tomorrow, after I have contemplated.

Simon Barrett

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