The Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh will get its turn to host a traveling exhibit called “Bodies.” The exhibit features 15 full body human corpses from China which have been preserved by a process called “plastination.” There are also 200 other body parts and speciments on display including plasticized human embryos from 9 to 32 weeks in development. The cadavers have had their skin peeled off and are arranged in poses. Visitors have been in awe of the show since it opened. However, some are not as thrilled with the concept and find it even offensive.

The exhibition is produced by Premiere Exhibitions, Inc. of Atlanta who have paid Dalian Medical University $25 million for the rights to use them on display. When the show is over, the bodies will be taken back to the school and be cremated. In other cities, observers of the exhibit have paid up to $30 apiece to see the show. Tickets will be sold for $22 for adults in Pittsburgh. The show has already taken in over $200 million. Despite this, some are not happy about the exhibit.

The bodies selected were those who were taken to the morgue in China and never claimed after a few months of advertising. The death certificates, possible autopsy reports, and other documents are kept by Chinese authorities who consider them confidential. Knowing this, some religious groups and others believe it is wrong to display unclaimed bodies in such a way. One employee at the Science Center, Elaine Catz, who has worked there for 11 years resigned from her job because of the exhibit. Representatives of the show say that they respect people’s objecting to it, but at the same time, the majority of people are fascinated by it. The exhibit will run at the Carnegie Science Center from October 2007 to May 2008.


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