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First Coast News
reports the letter dropped off at the St. Augustine Record by a mystery woman provided investigators with step by step instructions to find the grave of Haleigh Cummings.

The St. Augustine Record has now published the entire contents of the letter it received last week.

Investigators on Monday said the letter contained specific information about a site where Haleigh may be buried.

The St. Augustine Record reports in today’s edition just how specific:

Check the back of father’s mobile home. From the right end of the mobile home extending out continue for 540 yards straight. At that point go north 12 yards. Dig 2-3 feet, will strike metal covering an old well, check inside, black plastic garbage bag. Circumstances extend statewide and beyond

The typewritten letter, according to the St. Augustine Record, is signed by the initials “SAM.”

Investigators told First Coast News they searched the area but nothing came up. The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office also said the area had been searched before.

A woman dressed in what appeared to be blue hospital scrubs handed the letter to the receptionist at the St. Augustine Record on Sept. 23.

The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office said Monday the woman told investigators she worked as a messenger for an older man who had once been an FBI informant. The unidentified woman also told investigators the man had some “special abilities.” Capt. Dick Schauland, a spokesman for the sheriff’s office, wouldn’t elaborate on whether those abilities meant “psychic abilities.”
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