Some might say that the global economy has ushered in an era of corporate irresponsibility. Daily, we discover that certain corporations are distributing goods that pose a clear and present danger to our safety. 

Many of us are also wondering if certain politicans have let us down on this matter.

After all, how could only 15 inspectors be assigned to oversee 200 million containers of goods being shipped into the country every year?

Consumers Union, who is the non profit right arm of Consumer Reports has launched a major campaign to let Congress know the public is sick and tired of corporate irresponsibility in the global economy.

With Black Friday and holiday season upon us, they are focusing on dangerous products being passed on to our children with a campaign called, “Not in my cart.”

You can see that this campaign is all about in a parody about this matter. To view the parody, click on the picture below:

Not in My Cart

Also included in the video is information, where to let Congress know how you feel about this!

To sum up what the parody is about, Consumers Union writes:

We hope you enjoyed our parody, but the truth is that our system for keeping food and products safe is in serious need of repair.

This year, more than 25 million toys have been recalled, many for dangerous lead paint.

80% of toys are made in China.

The agency responsible for the safety of more than 15,000 products has only 15 inspectors at ports nationwide.

The FDA inspects only about 1% of imported food.

Despite the severely underfunded staff of FDA Inspectors, Consumers Union has made it a little easier to keep track of all the recalls, here.

The sheer number of them is enough to scare just about anyone!

Not in My Cart

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