The Consumers Union is calling for voters to let their elected officials know they are concerned about identity theft. Here are what the Consumers Union considers to be the key issues:

In every state, you should be able to place a “security freeze” on your credit file so thieves can’t open new accounts in your good name. Companies and agencies should be required to notify you when the security of your private information has been breached. If lawmakers are serious about making us more secure, this should be the first thing they do when they return to Washington. Help us send this clear message now to your Congressional Representative and Senators.

If you are concerned about this issue, you can add your thoughts by sending a message to Congress, here.

The last time this issue came up before the election – a bill was being pushed through. Here is more information on it and what I wrote about it: Don’t Allow HR 3997 to Take Away Rights from Identity Theft Victims

This bill is still pending – and if passed in it’s current version – it threatens to mute State laws already enacted to protect people from identity theft.

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