Rosie spouts off conspiracy theories again. I always figured that the reason this chubby cheerful Comedienne turned into a virago was menopause.

But then as a doc, I’ve seen a lot of tears and anger in menopausal depression and so I prefer to think hot flashes rather than stupidity as the cause of foot in mouth disease in someone I like to watch on TV.

But why does ABC let her spout conspiracy theories? I mean, Rosy is neither a construction worker or an engineer. To paraphrase Patrick Moynihan: You have the right to your own opinion. You do not have the right to make up your own facts. Why not give time on her show to the Popular Mechanics’ book about the technicalities of the Trade tower collapse?
Actually, what is needed here is someone to explain a little basic scientific knowledge (such as you can bend steel at 400C, and when the floors are held up by trusses, steel doesn’t need to melt to have walls collapse).

You also need basic even tempered common sense. Come on, Rosy, if the evil government killed a couple thousand people, why stop there? Where are the follow up terror incidents? Where are all the witnesses that had to be silenced and have disappeared? Where are the dissadents bloggers who have been killed or jailed for insulting the government? In the last month Egypt, Zimbabwe, Iran, China and Vietnam have arrested or jailed Bloggers or democracy advocates. When Bush sends Jay Leno to jail for making jokes, then I’ll believe your tirades.
But there is a very real danger to free speech that has essentially been ignored: blasphemy laws are in danger of being the latest form of political correctness.

Did you know that last week the UN Human Rights Council, has decided that everyone should punish those who insult religion? Yup, our beloved UN.
So if you really want to believe in conspiracy theories, why not worry about speech laws similar to the one in Italy that almost jailed a dying Orina Fallaci starting to be applied to Dilbert’s gentle satires and publicity stunts such as your friendly chococlate Jesus.

whoops. there goes Monty Python…

Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her webpage is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket.

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