News Item: British environmentalists want warning lables on airlines

Hmmm… warning lables on airplanes, huh?

I bet you’re thinking about something along the lines of
In the event of an emergency…
or worse yet
In the event of a crash…

Well, according to the London based Institute for Public Policy Research, concerns such as those are trivial matters, in the grander scheme of things. What you really should be worried about when you step onto a plane is [drumroll please], Global Warming.

This is where you think I’m pulling your leg, isn’t it. You’re saying “I knew this guy just makes this stuff up”. That, my friends, is the worrisome part here. I don’t make any of it up. The IPPR [everybody has an acronym these days, don’t they?] has made an official recommendation that airports be required to post large visible warnings stating Flying Causes Climate Change.

I’ll keep that in mind, yes sir, I sure will,
but in the meantime I think I’ll go with something like
Falling from 30,000 feet can cause severe trauma.
Please consult your local physician if this should occur.

Full Story: CNS News

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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