Conservatives, Liberals, You Must Read This!

By David Schussler

Go Ahead, It’s not very long!

The nebulous “conservative” and “liberal” labels are not one size fits all although I’m sure congress would debate that.  The issues that confront us today seem complicated, but, when broken down to their core, they are always simple. Let’s take today’s major political issues and debate them in a nutshell.

The war in Afghanistan:

Conservatives and Liberals agree that after we were attacked by Bin Laden and Al Queda on 9/11/01, we had to pursue our attacker and his army to eradicate any future threat to the United States by them. We still have not captured Bin Laden but have reduced his influence on terrorism and have captured many of his entourage. Afghanistan has created a unity government and is rebuilding but still suffers from insurrection influenced by outside forces. The job is not done. It needs to be finished.

The war in Iraq:

Conservatives and Liberals agree that  Almost all military and civilian sources in the world thought that Sadam had weapons of mass destruction and, in fact, he did at one time. He used those weapons against his own people killing tens of thousands of them.He also was at one time trying to create a nuclear threat. All of this is proven and true. Sadam did not comply with the world’s demand for him to cease his wrongful activities via the United Nations even with the threat of international intercession. Sadam was funding fanatical suicide bombings by radical terrorist Islamists against innocent civilians all over the world.

Neither Conservatives nor Liberals want war: No one wants to see our brave children murdered by a thoughtless enemy. No one wants to see a nation ravaged and innocent civilians killed by collateral war incidents.No one wants to see our brave children murdered by a thoughtless enemy. No one wants to see a nation ravaged and innocent civilians killed by collateral war incidents.

Conservatives and Liberals agree that there are radical Islamic terrorists that have declared war on the people of the United States, they are in Iraq, and we must protect ourselves and a major world oil source, and prevent them from creating a Middle Eastern base of operations.

Conservatives and Liberals agree that The war is not going well. Influenced and funded by outside sources, a few influential clerics are creating a civil war against the majority of peaceful Iraqis over the battle for regional and national power.The only debate should be how do we go about this war business. A recent poll shows that 20% of Americans feel that the terrorists have an edge on this war on terror. In their eyes that gives us a four out of five chance of winning. Not good odds. Winning the war is the responsibility of the military and our military strategists. War constantly changes and demands constant adjustment. This can not be legislated from Washington but must be done quickly, as needed, on the battlefield where the information and activity is current.

So where is the debate? The war must be won. Our military is neither political nor elected and they should be the ones making military decisions.The war must be won. Our military is neither political nor elected and they should be the ones making military decisions.

Stem cell research:

Conservatives and Liberals agree that:  Stem cell research is a necessary and desirable means to help combat many illnesses of the world.

Conservatives and Liberals agree that: Murder is against our moral codes.

So where is the debate? First of all stem cell research is still in its infancy and only represents a potential cure. This research has not proven to cure anything yet. Scientists cannot agree on which types of stem cells are the best. Stem cells can be obtained from several sources and more sources are being discovered annually.

Conservatives and Liberals agree that an embryo at some point is a life. The only debate is at what point an embryo is a viable life worth saving and not destroying, even if it is for the common good. (The ends justify the means). If it was discovered that the best cells for a cure were only available from seven year old red haired female vegetarians and they had to die to recover them would we see them running like lemmings to jump into the abyss of R & D medical facilities? Would we have a national draft or lottery for them at age seven? If there is even a possibility that an embryo is a life, why take the chance? Since stem cells are available from other sources, why even debate the issue? Develop the other sources and we can all have clear consciences.


Conservatives and Liberals agree: Immigration is not a bad word. There was a time when world travel and movement among regions and countries was free. Territorial claims and wars over territories displaced natives and created immigrants and refugees. The United States has always accepted immigrants and refugees and is, in fact, comprised of descendants of such. The United States, as a nation, has developed as a free and prosperous society, desirable by many. It has also developed as a trusting society with inner turmoil that has been settled time and again. Our borders have been loosely guarded and often those who have sought asylum here have been accepted. Those who have traversed our borders to obtain financial gain have been overlooked in light of their contribution to our demanding manual labor pool.The events of 9/11 and the ensuing death threats from radical Islamic terrorists have given rise to a demand from the American people to examine who is currently in our country that may want to do us harm, and what must we do to protect our borders? Many illegal Hispanic immigrants are caught in the crossfire. What do we do about them? They contribute to our economy, they use our social welfare resources, they often do not pay taxes, they often commit crimes, they often contribute much good to our culture, there are good folks and not so good or bad folks. There are tens of millions of them. They need to all be identified, given background checks, documented as such, and not displaced unless they are not working or making a positive contribution to our nation. Those adults who cannot prove that they are contributing somehow should be sent back. Those who are working and have clean records must be sponsored by that business as guest workers. All must either return to their country of origin when and if they lose their employment and sponsorship or obtain immediate re-employment and sponsorship. All must apply for citizenship if they intend to remain in the U.S. Otherwise they must be prepared to return home. Since they have broken the law by crossing our border, they must pay an appropriate fine. Any new illegal immigrant should be documented and sent immediately back with no prospect of being able to obtain citizenship in the future.


Conservatives and Liberals agree that our economy is currently doing well. Unemployment is low and our GNP is high. Most Americans have more disposable income than in the past. The war is costing us a lot of money yet we are making headway on our national debt.

So where is the debate? The government is already bloated and wasteful. Entitlement programs have already corrupted Social Security and our medical and drug industries. We are the best people to determine how we spend our hard earned money, so why give the government more in the form of taxes? Let the private sector, which is we the people, determine the course of our economy. Conservatives and Liberals must get together in Congress and use a little common sense to straighten out our problems together. Did we elect a bunch of ne’er do well, bull headed idiots to Congress? Thoughtful decisions and compromises must be made for the sake of our nation.

Vote well, the life you save may be your own! or Mine!  

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