In the glorious summer of 2006 I wrote a piece called Conservatives Hate Conservatism because I got tired of hearing guys like Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage having the nerve to call themselves conservative and then advocate for wasteful, obnoxious behavior like drilling in ANWAR rather than developing renewable energy technologies, which is far from conservative behavior as I understand the word.  I know that NEWSPEAK is the fastest growing language in the world but somehow I don’t buy that driving a gas guzzling SUV is a conservative behavior.  Well apparently I was fairly ahead of my time because this election cycle has caused a debate within the GOP over what actually defines conservatism…and no, you can’t just get away with saying “Ronald Reagan,” and then run out of the room.

It seems that as this debate over the definition of conservatism lurches forward that for a crowd of folks who claim to love America and all she stands for (you know, that crazy little thing we call democracy) whenever “democracy” works against their personal definition of Conservatism, the Limbaugh’s, the Hannity’s, the Savages, the Coulter’s etc., then they all of a sudden condemn the very institution they believe should be saddled on the Middle East at gun point.  These commentators and entertainers all get bent out of shape when their personal political preference looks to be rejected by the majority of Americans (irregardless of political stripe).

This is what Limbaugh said on his show with regards to whom he believes should be ejected from the pantheon of conservative thinkers…

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