The big guns of American conservatism have gathered in the Nation’s capitol this week for a bit of reflection and inspiration. The path towards political redemption according to the GOP’s titular leader is too stomp the yard and shout it out with some hip hop, Word up you republican home boys.

“You be Da man” congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R) repeatedly yelled off camera to RNC Chairman Michael Steele, as the African American leader of the republican party acknowledged the parties responsibility for the economic woes and current crises with the Mea Culpa “My Bad” While Tucker Carlson was pretty much booed off stage when he had the temerity to suggest republicans might be more effective and credible if their media message was fact accurate and Joe the Plumber showed up to draw some positive analogies about shooting congressman and senators.

Newt Gingrich, the former speaker of the house who lead the impeachment rally against Bill Clinton while he was stepping out on his cancer stricken wife with a whip wielding dominatrix became the first prominent republican to use the label Bush/Obama policy as he officially repudiated the former President before the party faithful and implied George Bush had secretly been a big government democrat and spend happy liberal all along.
Mitt Romney arrived exuding the confidence and swagger that comes from having utterly embraced the delusion every pollster on the planet is way off and he is in fact the odds on favorite in 2012.

Because the GOP is out of power and splintered into regional factions the prime speaking slots are pretty much filled with political use to Be’s and conservative talking heads like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter, folks who have large audiences rather than constituencies. The central theme of the this year’s conference seems to be figuring out the most creative way to convince the American people, the liberal media in collusion with democrats are the folks responsible for the economic collapse and initial failure in Iraq.

While the conservatives are unable to offer any substantive ideas that would offer a practical alternative to the Presidents recovery legislation, Tom Delay did take time to offer a voice of hope the President’s plan to save America from another depression by creating jobs, offering health care and education while rebuilding the nations crumbling infrastructure would fail miserably. The Obama isn’t a native born American and not the legal president and Global warming is a big fat lie approach is playing well to the crowd of super patriots who are selling books, raising cash and refining tactics for that sure and certain return to power in the congressional midterms of 2010 where such intellectual giants as Joe the Plumber are being proffered as the kind of working man slash populist folk hero Americans will embrace for high office.

The sad fact is the conservatives are mostly accurate about the consequences of what will occur if President Obama and the democrats are unable to stop the economic spiral.

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