Here is one the MSM will run away from as fast as they can. Missouri’s William “Lacy” Clay (D, MO) used Barack Hussein Obama’s startling Missouri win as a chance to play the race card against whites. During the post primary rally Clay fired up the crowd with some hearty “they’re all against us” rhetoric leaving no doubt who the “they” are. You won’t hear this on the MSM because they are trying their hardest to keep Obama’s “Change” express on its tracks and no old playbook, race baiting will be allowed.

His comments appeared on KFEQ-AM radio this morning and they show that Clay isn’t above using Obama’s moment in the sun, his message of “change,” to go right back to the old race baiting playbook.


Change? Not so much. It’s still “us” against “them” as far as Clay is concerned.

It should be recalled that Clay is one of those who took the occasion of Bill Clinton’s off handed remarks last month as a chance to “warn the Clintons” against their race baiting.

Back on the 24th, Clay said, “If for some reason Barack does not go all the way and become the Democratic nominee and Hillary is, there will be quite a lot of animosity throughout Missouri and throughout the African-American community toward the Clintons.”

Transcript of Obama Rally Comments:

“That’s what hope will give you. It just goes to show you, all of Missouri and our state can vote against this guy, can vote against our dreams and ambitions, but St. Louis City and County, brought him home.”

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