Arizona Representative J.D. Hayworth -R- is expressing hope a statistical miracle will yet return him to congress even as the apparent winner begins assembling a staff and transition advisor for the move to Washington.

While it is with in the purely abstract statistical realm of possibility that Representative Hayworth could still win the election and retain his seat

the cold reality of politics dictated presumptive Senator Elect Harry Mitchel appropriately announced he received the invitation sent to other newly elected members of the house to participate in the freshman orientation and begin his administrative transition

the spectacle of the once prominent Hayworth defending his decision to Wait till every single possible mail in absentee vote is counted and the winner certified before conceding defeat is rumored to be a symptom of a greater and as yet acknowledged personal problem troubling the former collegiate athlete.

Hayworth’s physical appearance has undergone a noticeable almost imaciated change in the last few months. Rumors ranging from mental illness to drug use and even cancer have swirled around the halls of power.

The idea of j.D losing his seat was so unthinkable the R.N.C was caught completely off guard when internal polls are reported to have shown the challenger pulling even in the last weeks of the race.

Despite a big foot drop of cash for commercials and advice from the party leadership by election day it was all over but for the congressman’s hope of a statistical miracle.

A post story offers some interesting back ground on Hayworths time in congress as well as the Sentinel

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