George Will gave us a few words in his wrap up of the 2007 Congress on their union supporting activities:

Bruce Raynor, president of the union Unite Here, expressed organized labor’s compassionate liberalism when he urged sparing workers the burden of democracy: “There’s no reason to subject workers to an election.” The House agreed, voting for “card check” organizing that strips workers of their right to a secret ballot when deciding for or against unionization of their workplace. Senate Republicans blocked this, but the Senate Democrats voted to cripple the Department of Labor agency that requires union bosses to explain how they spend their members’ money.

This has been one of the union’s newest tactics and our anti-democratic Congress has been doing their best to help them out. Keep your eye on this next year as the unions continue to try and eliminate the secret ballot from the people voting on organizing.

The reason this is a danger is one of intimidation. You see, if the votes are not secret, everyone can know if any particular employee voted against the union and, if made public, could leave that employee up for union harassment. And, with the violent past that all unions have, that would be sure to place many thousands of people in danger.

Of course, it shouldn’t surprise that the unions want to be able to intimidate workers into agreeing to their thuggish “representation” but it is shocking that in the venerable halls of government our voted representatives should be passing laws that they know will be used to put the citizenry in mortal danger.

This card check deal must be stopped at all costs.

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