News Item:
House is not in session January 8th

Do you know anyone that works 5 days a week?
Do you know anyone that has to work 2 jobs?
Or a family that needs 2 incomes just to pay the bills?

I do.

It was front page news on the Washington Post back in December, that Congress was going to join the rest of us mere mortals, and begin a 5 day work week.  The new schedule was slated to commence this month.  In fact, yesterday was to be Day One of their new found work ethic.

We all know how life can interfere from time to time, and that’s what happened to Congress, I guess.  When the plan was first announced, someone overlooked the fact that January 8th was the day that Florida would play Ohio State for the national college championship.  So on Friday, a memo was sent out by the House Majority Leader declaring that not only would there be no session on Monday, but the first vote of the week would not take place any earlier than 3:00PM Tuesday.

I know the Beltway around DC can be a real traffic nightmare, but really now… an entire day off to make sure you didn’t miss a game 8:30 that night?  Then a 3 o’clock roll call to allow enough time to get back into the office?  Even though these men and women represent all 50 states, they don’t live in all 50 states full time.  At least, they’re not supposed to.  They’re supposed to live in and around the Washington DC area, so they can handle little chores like running the country in a timely manner, without a 2 or 3 day commute.

This was supposed to be the New Congress, the one with the New Plan.  I spent more than a little bit of time over the past few months trying to find out exactly what that ‘new’ plan is, and all I could glean was that we were going to head in a ‘new’ direction.  Now I’m thinking the day off had nothing to do with a ball game at all.  They just haven’t decided what the plan should be yet.

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Cartoon from Sid in the City

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