Congress party consists of a few leaders who are so unintelligent that they have unwittingly opened new doors of opportunity for Karnataka BJP after the terror strike yesterday.

Yesterday there was what apparently was a terror attack where a bomb exploded very near the BJP office in Malleswaram, Bangalore. Several BJP leaders and their supporters were expected to visit this office today since it was the last day for filing nominations for the forthcoming assembly elections. Fortunately the blast did not result in any deaths though 16 persons including several policemen on duty were injured.

While most of the citizens were shocked that a peaceful residential locality had been invaded by terror attacks, some Congress leaders  immediately started seeing politics in the tragic incident.

First it was Mr Shakeel Ahmed the Congress spokesperson in Delhi who tweeted stating that “If this is a terror act, it will benefit BJP in the elections.” At this time, the preliminary investigations had not even been completed and many were still thinking that it could be a blast from a gas cylinder in a parked car. But to Mr Shakeel the political gains and losses was more relevant.

Obviously the Netizens reacted angrily to this tweet and soon Congress as a party announced through other spokespersons that they distance themselves from the tweet. By that time Police had confirmed that it was a blast and security consultants were speculating that Indian Mujahiddeen could be behind the blast.

Unaware of the clarification from Delhi two other local Congress leaders independently jumped into the fray to pass their comments on the incident and their political implication. Their comments appeared more in the local TV channels and the national channels deliberately or otherwise avoided a mention of the same though it was brought to the notice of all the major channels by the undersigned himself.

First it was Mr Siddaramaiah a potential Chief Ministerial Candidate (if Congress wins the elections) who, while speaking at Mysore  stated that “BJP had engineered the blast to benefit in the elections”.

Soon Mr H.Vishwanath another prominent leader and MP from Congress gave his opinion that “The blast had been done by RSS”.

The attitude and culture of these leaders to blame terror activities on Hindu organizations unmindful of its effect on the National efforts to counter the Pak sponsored terrorism is shameful to say the least. It also indicates that the local Congress leaders are not different from leaders like A.R.Antulay and Digvijay Singh who claimed/implied that during the Mumbai terror attack it was perhaps the  RSS which had caused the death of the Police Chief Mr Hemant Karkare.

After these irresponsible statements from the Congress leaders, the media turned its attention on “Politicisation of the terror attack”.  True to their mischievous nature, they started accusing BJP also along with Congress for politicising terror. Instead of focusing on the day’s events, even senior journalists like Mr Arnab Goswami started talking of earlier references of BJP to terror attacks and to say that Congress action was not different. By doing so , media was playing into the hands of BJP baiters just as Congress was playing into the hands of the Pak sponsored terrorists by blaming BJP/RSS for the blasts.

In most of these TV debates, persons like Mr Arnab Goswami have been taking a strident anti BJP stand and always trying to help the Congress villains to come on top of the discussions. This attitude continued during the debates yesterday. Mr Rahul Kanwal of Headlines Today also has a similar tendency as the other anchors in NDTV and CNN IBN to varying extent.

Mr Arnab Goswami in Times Now  failed to mention and criticize the statements of Mr Siddaramaiah and H Vishwanath yesterday betraying his biased approach to the debate. I hope he would correct this at least today.

Unless the media stops this hypocritical coverage of terror incidents and show more responsibility in reporting, it is difficult to prevent Congress leaders from politicising the terror issue.

My own view about yesterday’s incident was that until the Congress leaders came out with their statements, it had never occurred to me that BJP could have any political advantage  out of the incident. In fact it showed that the State had failed to prevent the attack though I fully understand that such attacks are not easy to predict and be stopped by State Police.

Prevention of such terror attack requires a comprehensive anti terror policy at the national level for which the Center alone is responsible. If terrorism continues to prevail in the country, the blame lies with the Congress party and their policies including their soft policies in Kashmir and elsewhere.

The issue was therefore relevant for a national election and not so much for the state elections. But the Congress mischief has now made this an issue in the local elections also and has opened a new door of opportunity to BJP to spruce up its campaign.

But in the background of  the Congress leader’s statements  when we saw NIA persons at the blast site, instead of feeling that more expertise would be available, the thought that crossed my mind was whether NIA was here to divert the issue to Congress advantage during the elections by placing the blame  on “Hindu Terrorism” . Mr H.Vishwanath’s demand that the investigation should be completed before May 5, (the election day) indicated that the Congress leaders want at least some statement from NIA that the blast had a link to some Hindus so that they can blame BJP and RSS as the ultimate perpetrators of the crime.

Since the bike used in the blast was reported to be around 15-20 years old, it might have passed through many owners some of whom may be Hindus. This single reason can be sufficient for Congress leaders to claim that there was a Hindu involved in the crime and hence RSS and BJP were behind the blasts and not Indian Mujahiddeen.

It is this fear that makes us distrust agencies like NIA which are controlled by the Center and  makes it difficult for the States to cooperate with any national agency for terror control though professionally, I agree that there is a dire need for such an agency. The Congress and UPA have successfully created an impression that whether it is the CBI or NIA, the central  agencies will only be loyal to the political interests of Congress and not to the national interests.

Thus Mr Shakeel Ahmed, Siddaramaiah and H Vishwanath have by their actions and utterances brought a national security issue  into the debate at the State level. This has happened just before Mr Narendra Modi was making a reluctant entry into the campaign and given him a welcome handle to speak as a national leader.

Though the media leaders may later accuse BJP of counter politicisation of the incident, it may be a natural consequence of the  indiscretion committed by Congress leaders. Perhaps this may give a new hope and direction to the BJP campaign “To make the State a responsible member of the federal system likely to be headed by a leader like Mr Narendra Modi”.

Though Mr Jagadish Shettar is not the right leader who can harness such a campaign agenda, it could be the direction in which National Leaders of BJP such as Modi, Sushma, Jaitely, Rajnath singh and Advani may speak during their campaign. At least this will give them something to speak other than defending the lack of Governance of the BJP Government headed by Mr Shettar and the party’s inability to face the Yeddyurappa onslought.

In the bargain, BJP may actually gain politically, just as Mr Shakeel Ahmed said. But it will not be due to the blast itself but because of the utterances of the three leaders. Had the above Congress leaders shown more maturity like Mr Dinesh Gundurao who made some sensible remarks, the blast would not have been an election issue creating some advantage to BJP.

After listening to Mr Dinesh Gundurao along with Siddaramaiah and H.Vishwanath, I wish to add that in case Congress still is able to form the Government after the elections,  Mr  Dinesh Gundurao should be considered for leadership than the other leaders who have neither the intelligence or the attitude to be the leaders of a State Government.


as a Voter of Karnataka

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