The Congres it appears is just simply not getting it if this press report is anything to go by.

In a move aimed at turning the tables on the BJP, the Centre on Friday said it would reveal details soon on how the erstwhile NDA government had released the Parliament attack case convict Afzal Guru few months before the terror strike.

209 Mumbaikars died on 11th July 2006 while over 700 were injured.

42 killed over 50 wounded in Hyderabad in August 2007.

Many more dead and wounded in Malegaon blasts, Samjhauta express blasts and the various blasts in Uttar Pradesh and Delhi over the last 3 years.

If you were one of those who lost a loved one or experienced terror first hand and have been staring yourself in the mirror every single day wondering if justice would ever be served, the Congress has provided the answer.

If you are still torturing yourself with questions on why these attacks took place under Manmohan Singh’s watch, the Congress wants you to take comfort in the fact that LK Advani’s track record in preventing terrorist attacks was as bad. You can now sleep tight with the cold comfort that your fate would be no different if the BJP was in power.

If you are still not reconciled to the fact that justice will never be served under the Manmohan Singh UPA Administration, the Congress wants you to take comfort that LK Advani instead of bringing terrorists to justice actually helped release them. That ought to give you peace of mind for even if the Congress brings any terrorist to justice the BJP might just release them, so why bother with justice anyway ?

For the rest of agitated and concerned on when and where the Terrorists might strike next the Congress has a prescription to soothe those anxious nerves. The Congress wants to remind you that it is pointless to fret over the next terror attack for even if the Intelligence Bureau picks an Afzal a few months before a terrorist attack it does little to deter him and his associates from striking. After all despire the best intentions there is only so much the agencies of the state can do to put the fear of god into prospective terrorists.

If all of this is not enough to cure you of your obsessing compulsively on Terrorism remember laughter is the best medicine and who better to administer a dose of it than that inscrutable sycophant, courtier, mercernary and clown Abhishek Singhvi.

It is a different matter that all mass terror attacks took place during the Congress rule and Manmohan Singh despite his insomnia and amnesia finds time to paylip service to Anti-Terrorism

If yesterday it was that sychophant and clown Abhishek Singhvi making a mockery of Terror Victims pain, today it is that mercenary Sriprakash Jaiswal.

Replying to questions at a press conference, Jaiswal said he would provide ”within 24 hours” the details of Afzal’s arrest and release under the NDA rule two months before the terrorist attack on Parliament.

If only the Congress acted with the same sense of 24 hour urgency to pre-empt attacks and take the battle to the door step of the Terrorists.

The BJP needs to shift gears in its Suraksha Sankalp Yatra. Rather than harp on the delay in hanging Afzal or the scrapping of POTA it needs to make the victims of terrorism the face of its campaign.

Just like the “Know Pratibha Patil” campaign, the BJP must work to bring together all victims and kith and kin of deceased on a common platform of anti-terrorism. By putting a face and name to the nature of Terrorism, the campaign would be much more personalised and potent. Especially given the many Muslim victims of terrorism in recent times it would also raise troubling questions to those who have been pandering and appeasing to that community while doing precious little to deliver real justice.

By making the voice of the Terror Victims and the voice of those brave women and men in uniform who shed their lives fighting terrorism the Anti-Terrorism Campaign will not just have tremendous credibility but it would frame the public debate in the right terms.

It would no longer be about the BJP scoring political points but it would be a Campaign serving National Interest.

Such a campaign would remind the Congress that this is not about a political contest.

Such a campaign will tell the Congress in no uncertain terms that it is the Terrorists against who tables ought to be turned not political rivals.

Such a campaign will deliver the tough message to the Congress that this is not about who has a worse terror record but about the safety and security of the Nation and Justice to the victims.

Offstumped Bottomline: If only the Congress focused on turning tables on the Terrorists instead of the BJP the 200 odd victims of 7-11 in Mumbai and the many terror attacks across the nation would today be resting easy with a sense of justice having been served. By making this about a political contest on who has a worse terror record the Congress has insulted the memory of every one of those brave men and women in uniform who shed their blood defending our freedoms and the memory of those deceased law abiding citizens who defied the fear mongering to go on with their way of life despite terror threats. The victims of terror must speak up and demand answers and justice of the Manmohan Singh UPA Government. Tolerating this delinquency would be fatal to the nation.

Offstumped hangs its head in shame bowing to all those who have suffered from the Congress’ delinquency in dealing with terrorism.

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