According to a recent report, a confidential settlement has been reached between the parents of a young woman that died from the asbestos cancer called mesothelioma and the company they sued over exposure to asbestos. The young woman died after contracting the disease due to asbestos exposure from her father who worked with the deadly substance.

Amanda Satterfield was only twenty five years old when she died from the cancer, which developed as a result of secondary exposure to asbestos from her father. He worked at ALCOA Tennessee Operations, and his job involved hauling asbestos.

The lawsuit was filed back in 2003 when Amanda was diagnosed with the cancer, and after her death at the start of 2005 her parents continued the fight for compensation. Their complaint alleged that the company had been negligent by not providing protection from asbestos.

While the amount of the settlement was not disclosed in the report an attorney for Amanda’s parents did confirm that a confidential settlement had been agreed between both parties.

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