13 November 2007

On 14 January 2006, The Board of Trustees of Amherst College located in Amherst, Massachusetts, passed a resolution to divest all investments in multinational companies “identified as having direct business ties to the Sudanese government or companies whose business activities are in direct support of these companies and the activities of the government”. The divestment action was taken based on alleged human atrocities “wholly inconsistent with the moral and ethical values of Amherst College” and alleged evidence of genocide against the people of the Darfur region allegedly committed by the Sudanese government. Royal Dutch Shell Plc was identified as one of the multinationals banned for investment purposes because of its business operations in Sudan.

The “MOST CONFIDENTIAL” minutes of a meeting of Shell Group Managing Directors held in July 2002 provide evidence Shell did have a business relationship with the Sudanese military. 

Item 28 states: –

SUDAN: Paul Skinner reported that terms have now been agreed with an acceptable local third party for the sale of the up country aviation facilities with effect from the end of July. Thereafter, there will no longer be any business with the Sudanese military except in Port Sudan (which is outside the conflict zone) where the sale completion awaits the arrival of ISO tank. Aviation fuel would continue to be supplied to the World Food Programme at Obeid.

The Minutes:-


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