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Both Microsoft Certified Professional and Computerworld report on a variation of Conficker known as Neeris. Neeris is a 4 year old virus that has resurfaced and is now acting as a Conficker wannabe behaving the same way.

It is believed the criminal hackers who created Conficker and Neeris are either the same person or are working together double teaming the computer security community. conficker11

Neeris began showing up on March 31st into April 1st, which as we know was supposed to be the launch of the next state of Conficker updates.

Conficker and Neeris both include autorun and remote call features that allow it to slither into external storage including cameras, USB drives, external hardrives and numerous others memory based devices. Further, the “call home” feature is feared to eventually enable either virus to update its abilities to wreak havoc and compromise data.

What’s troubling is Microsoft created a critical security update specifically for Conficker labeled MS08-067 patch which Microsoft Certified Professional states Neeris “pokes holes microsoft in”, which leads one to believe the patch is no match for Neeris.

However; as stated in Computerworld “Due to the similarities to Conficker, most of the mitigations that were mentioned also apply here. Make sure to install MS08-067 if you haven’t done so yet, and be careful to use only autoplay options you’re familiar with, or consider disabling the Autorun altogether.”

Regardless, update critical security patches and run the latest McAfee anti-virus definitions.

Robert Siciliano Identity Theft Speaker discussing viruses slithering into memory based devices here

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