President Bush has praised Chancellor Merkel’s efforts to revive the so-called Middle East Quartet and place it at the center of the Israeli-Palestinian peace effort. He also informed the Chancellor that Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will soon be going to the region in an attempt to revive the stalled peace process and that upon her return she will also be reporting the results of her visit to Merkel.

Rice attempted to look as if she didn’t mind but failed miserably and then mumbled something to the effect of “Thank you sooo much, Mr. President,” then, a few moments later, while coughing loudly into her fist and microphone; “Gag me with a spoon.”

Rice and Merkel have had numerous lively exchanges in the past and simply can’t wait to do so again. Or at least that is what one Washington insider has claimed, wildly laughing his ass off while doing so.

You can say Madame Chancellor to me.

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