One of the most fascinating aspects of music is the power it has to transport the listener to another place.  Some pieces remind us of troubled times, others bring up powerfully nostalgic feelings and still others conjure up memories of certain places.  As I listened to Conchita Campos’ new EP release “So It Goes” I had a strange feeling that I was back in New York City sometime in late fall, wandering around Greenwich Village.  I couldn’t help thinking that Campos’ songs are perfect for the small coffee shops around Bleeker St. like The Bitter End. 

As it happens, Campos currently lives in New York and it is certainly evident in her music that after two years in the city, the Big Apple has left its indelible mark upon her.  At times echoing the hauntingly husky and soulful voice of Nina Simone, Conchita Campos’ music pays homage to her biggest influences while still retaining its originality.  Her pop sound is as contemporary and modern as the city she lives in.  Whether it’s the upbeat urban vibe of the first two tracks, “Just Time” and “Runaway Day” or the slower, more introspective “For Tonight,” “So It Goes” showcases a wide range of emotion and feeling.          

Like most aspiring artists who move to New York in hopes of getting noticed, she has worked hard to establish herself as a unique voice among a frenzy of other hungry and talented musicians.  Perhaps it is indeed her actual voice that has set her apart from the rest of the pack.  Campos has strong and dynamic vocals that have presence and fit in very well with the current pop “sound.”  She also benefits from the solid production of the album.  Produced and engineered by Jonathan Jetter at Skyelab studios, “So It Goes” has all of the nuances and subtleties that define contemporary pop music. 

There are great backing vocals, nice string arrangements and electronics and programming that often may not be noticed but add so much to the texture of the overall piece that were they not there, you would immediately notice the hollow spot.  Her music is not pushing the envelope as much as it is refining and molding the current trend into something original and nice to listen to.  However, it is the sincerity with which Campos feels the music and steers the melodies of the songs that makes “So It Goes” a success.  

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