Deva Premal may not be a name that is familiar to many people, however she is very well known in the ‘New Age’ genre. We had the opportunity to preview her new CD Moola Mantra, and when we discovered that she was playing in Calgary we could not resist attending.

We have been to many concerts and this has to be the first one where the artist asked us not to applaud. They explained that the audience was as much a part of the band as they were, and we should enjoy the silence between songs. Personally we found that strange, and the ‘no clapping rule’ was largely ignored.

Deva Premal and her long time companion Miten have absorbed themselves into Indian mysticism and the chants (Mantra’s) they perform are hypnotic and captivating.

We had the opportunity to see Deva Premal and Miten perform at The Knox United Church in Calgary, this is a venue with wonderful acoustics. There was no need for large stacks of speakers, a few acoustic ones did an admirable job.

Deva Primal and Miten have been delighting audiences for the last 15 years, they originally met at a retreat in India. On this tour they are joined by Bamboo Flutist Manose, whose skill is amazing. Manose has changed the dynamics of the sound, by adding a new dimension. For the Calgary concert they were joined by their long time friend Rainer, who played a variety of small and unusual stringed instruments.

While Deva Premal may have a wonderful voice, and ‘Mantras’ like a pro, I found her somewhat cold. Miten on the other hand had great stage presence and made the evening, his banter and obvious skills on the guitar won not just me but the whole audience.           

Manose gave a spectacular performance on the Bamboo Flute, it was clear that the audience were captivated by his musical talent

You can get your own copy Of Deva Premal Sings The Moola Mantra from your local store or online from from Self Connection Books.

Simon Barrett

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